Friday, January 11, 2008

How To Screw Her Best

Thrusting Techniques

Many men just thrust in and out over and over again, or worse just put it in and pound. While some women like to be pounded on occasion or after they have warmed up with an orgasm or two, the same thing over and over again can get quite boring. Here we will present several thrusting techniques that you can apply to help your sexual partner reach orgasm. You will also learn the techniques that make her beg you for more.

Taoist 9 in 1 Technique

The Taoist 9 in 1 technique is a thrusting sequence in which you simply thrust 9 times shallow (1 to 4 inches) and 1 time deep (3 to 5 inches, but not so deep as to hit her cervix and cause pain).

Example of one set:

Shallow Deep
1 9
2 8
3 7
4 6
5 5
6 4
7 3
8 2
9 1

Then you repeat the sequence over and over again varying the speed of the thrusts. It is said that this sequence will stimulate the woman to all nine levels

The Ancient Taoists also describe nine different types of thrusts. We have endeavored to paraphrase from the overly poetic language used.

The nine type of thrusts:

1. Thrust to the left and to the right to stimulate the vaginal walls.
2. Thrust up and down rather than in and out. You have to move your whole body up and down do this in the missionary position.
3. Teasingly pull out and push back in.
4. Alternate between using deep thrusts and shallow teasing strokes.
5. Make deep and shallow strokes in steady succession.
6. Push in slowly.
7. Thrust swiftly.
8. Poise at the opening, then strike swiftly and stay inside for a few moments.
9. Rise and then plunge low.

Tease and Please Technique

In this technique you tease your partner with your penis until she is begging you to put it in her then you then you slowly enter her an inch at a time until you tease an orgasm out of her.

The Tease and Please Technique:

1. After your partner is highly aroused from foreplay, you gently rub your partner’s clitoris with the head of your penis. Every once in a while tease the opening with the head of your penis. After a few minutes of this she will be simmering with desire, but you want her boiling so keep on teasing.

2. She will ask you to put it in! DON’T PUT IT IN YET! Keep teasing and talk to her. Tell her how beautiful her pussy is. Ask her if she wants your cock inside her. Ask her how badly she wants it as you keep teasing her. After a few more minutes of this she will be on the edge of her seat and almost boiling with desire.

3. When she really can’t stand it any longer, start rubbing the opening with the head of your penis for about a minute or so. Then slide only the head in and slowly thrust in and out with only the head of your penis. She will be begging for you to put it in more!

4. Slide it in one more inch, then thrust slowly in and out but only to this same depth. Keep talking to her while you do this. Ask her if she likes your cock inside her, tell her how much you like fucking her and how good her pussy feels.

5. After a couple more minutes, slide it in one more inch and then thrust slowly in and out to this same depth.

6. Repeat step 5 until you are almost at your full length, but don’t put it all the way in until she starts having an orgasm.

7. Once she starts having an orgasm you may start thrusting more vigorously and or move on to a different technique.

Slide and Glide Technique

This technique relies on stimulating your partners clitoris with the friction and pressure from your upper pubic region (right above your pubic bone) which we will call the Friction Zone.

The technique is done in the missionary position (the most popular position - you on top). Make sure your partner is well lubricated, and we would recommend starting with the tease and please technique until you are almost all the way in and then start do this technique.

The Slide and Glide Technique:

1. In the missionary position, make sure your partner’s clitoris and upper vaginal area is well lubricated. (With her own juices, your saliva, Astroglide, Wet, etc.)

2. Ask her to spread her vaginal lips with her hands, when she does this put your penis in up to the base and rest the Friction Zone on her clitoris.

3. Put your weight on her body, and reach down and grab her ass and spread the cheeks apart.

4. Now start sliding up and down on her (not in and out, you penis should remain in completely inside her all the way to the base as you move. To do this you will need to grab her shoulders or the edge of the bed with both hands and push off with your toes as well. As you do all of this make sure that the greatest friction between you and her is where the Friction Zone and her clitoris meet. This might all sound really complicated but it is actually very easy, and after a few minutes you and her will be gliding back and forth on a sweet layer of sweat.

5. Continue until she has at least one orgasm. Keep moving and try not to break the friction.

How to Screw Her Good - A Few More Tips

1. Always tease a bit and make sure that your lover is fully aroused and lubricated before penetration.

2. Make sure your lover is highly aroused and almost coming before full penetration.

3. Thrust at different angles in the same position to stimulate all the walls of the vagina. Try riding high and low, left and right in the same position to stimulate all of her vaginal walls.

4. Try different positions, variety is the spice of life.

5. Thrust at different speeds, fast, slow, and medium.

6. Thrust hard, soft and teasingly.

7. Once in a while pull out and re-enter.

8. Try thrust in a winding circular motion going in and coming out.

9. Put you penis all the way in and slide up and down and left and right and in circles clockwise and counter-clockwise, without moving your penis in and out.